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   Buy a Name Painting: £3 per Letter.  Just 3 simple steps to order.

When ordering more than one painting Enter Each Name Separately

  Step #1  Select number of letters of name:     

  Step #2  Enter Name Here (Max 16 Letters)     

          (Optional)  Add a Frame

                   Small Frame 2-5 Letters £14.00  

                 Large Frame 6-10 Letters £17.00  

  Step #3  Click this button                                            

 All Prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling


If you already have a painting and just want to order a frame then skip STEP 1 & STEP 2. Go straight to "ADD a Frame"

*Please note that if you have more than 12 letters/spaces on one painting it will be created over 2 lines - Unframed only. Some 6-letter names can fit the smaller frame - please call 07717 684 190 or email artist@NamePaintings.co.uk first to check. Large frames can only have a maximum of 10 letters or spaces. If you have any trouble with our online shopping please don't hesitate to call: 07717 684 190